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When you pay for a professional, you deserve images that speak for a lifetime. Be it a personal milestone or a business objective, there are several reasons to pick D Samuel Marsh Photography:

EXPERIENCED. More than 30 years exploration of the craft. Extensive experience in documentary, travel, event, fashion, and portrait work with a penchant for capturing the wonder of children. Driven by a passion for photographic excellence, we capture the power of the moment.

VERSATILE. Work with clients on a one-time or ongoing basis. Serve families, nonprofits, and private corporations. Familiar with studio environs but a skilled technician with natural light. Film and digital competencies.

INSIGHTFUL. The greatest camera is the human mind. Our approach consistently shows deft touch and superb anticipation that preserves every important moment.

REASONABLY PRICED. Hourly, daily, and retainer rates available.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, FUN! Consistently praised for pleasant demeanor, working style, and professionalism. Nothing matters more than creating the images so important to you - why not enjoy the process?

I love to shoot and it shows. Have a look and feel free to contact the Studio at I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon.

Dwayne S. Marsh

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